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20 April 2017
Highlights from the 2017 UK Nuclear Skills Awards
18 April 2017
The National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) announced the...

Working in Partnership

To ensure the sector has the solutions in place to meet the planned nuclear programme NSAN works with a number of collaborations including...

The nuclear industry, headed up by Magnox Ltd has gained approval from BIS/UKCES to take forward a Nuclear Industrial Partnership (Nuclear IP). This Nuclear IP supports employers on the Nuclear Industry Council and Nuclear Industry Council Skills Workstream to take real leadership and ownership of the nuclear skills agenda

The Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance (NESA) is a grouping of the key skills bodies with an interest in nuclear new build skills, Government and key public sector stakeholders.  Through the Skills Alliance, the skills bodies co-ordinate their work to identify and address the future skills needs of the UK nuclear new build programme. 

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG), consists of the Government and organisations who have both the plans and expenditure which drive the major developments in the sector.  It represents both the civil and defence nuclear sectors and is accountable for developing a nuclear skills strategy for the UK.

The N-Group brings together national organisations from across the nuclear sector to become "The Voice of a Leading Nuclear Nation." Collectively, the N-Group represents all sectors of the UK nuclear industry and N-Group members have, between them, the credibility to speak with authority on any aspect of the nuclear sector.