STEM - Energy Mix Challenge


NSAN has developed an interactive game aimed at secondary school and college students to provide an interactive look at the Energy Mix needed to power the UK.

The game is set in 2025, as a new chain of nuclear powerstations have been launched.  The player takes the role of Senior Energy Controller with the newly established National Energy Directorate.  The main aim of the game is to choose between the different sources of Energy (wind, solar, nuclear and coal/gas) to meet the electricity needs of the UK.  It is not only the Senior Energy controllers first day - it is also the European Cup!

Students will make informed choices on when and which energy resources are used to meet the electricity needs.  Depending upon their choices there are different outcomes in the game.  Players are penalised if they do not provide enough energy, or if they waste valuable energy resources.

The DVDs also contains an interactive look at the ‘People Behind the Power’ which provides an overview of the nuclear fuel cycle.  Each element of the nuclear fuel cycle is explained along with video case studies of people working in different roles.

Reminiscent of the ‘space invaders’ of the 1980’s the game is offered free of charge to people who would like to use the game to enhance their STEM activity.  If you would like to request a copy, contact us.