Westinghouse (Springfields Apprentice Training) (NW)

Westinghouse (Springfields Apprentice Training) is committed to its engineering training programmes, and in particular the training of apprentices. It sees the apprenticeship scheme as an investment for the future of the organisation's maintenance and engineering teams.

Westinghouse (Springfields Apprentice Training) has been a workbased learning provider since 1997 and is able to offer a number of external apprentice placements for SMEs within the local area. Springfields is capable of adapting its programme to accommodate specific skills/activities requested by clients. The engineering training group provides a variety of courses through an adult engineering training programme.

"The future of Westinghouse is reliant on the availability of a highly skilled and specifically trained workforce.  Our reputation for excellence is built upon the quality of the people who work on the Springfields Site and who continuously achieve the highest standards of safety and manufacturing."

Mike Tynan, Managing Director of Westinghouse