JTL is the principal training provider to the building services engineering industry. As a not for profit charity, whose members are the Electrical Contractors’ Association and Unite the Union, all surpluses are reinvested in training for the industry. Its Mission Statement is: “To deliver a customer focused, quality driven and value for money service”.

JTL’s key strength lies in its occupationally qualified and competent field staff who work closely with employers and learners to support and guide them through all stages of their training. JTL works very effectively with 100+ Colleges of Further Education or private training centres as well as with employers ranging from very small ‘one man bands’ to the large national and international contractors.

JTL’s Ofsted inspection report highlighted that: “JTL has productive partnerships within the industry and within the sector. There are very effective partnerships to meet the needs of learners and employers. At the previous inspection it was recognised that JTL was particularly influential in the sector and made a significant contribution to training and the industry.

JTL retains its influence and continues to make a positive contribution.” A key consideration for JTL has always been the quality and continuous improvement of its provision and service to the industry as highlighted in its Matrix Inspection Report: “The performance of JTL has been and continues to be respected … and the Assessor became acutely aware that performance and realisation were not destinations for JTL but an ongoing journey in the quest for excellence in every facet of the service.”