Supplier Approval, Control & Flowdown Masterclass

This course will deepen understanding and knowledge of customer requirements and technical specifications so that suppliers are able to effectively undertake quality related activities appropriate to component classifications and can flow the requirements down to their sub-tier suppliers.

Learning outcomes

  • Capturing, defining and validating customer and technical requirements
  • Flow down process to sub tiers and customer responsibilities
  • Risk and cost management
  • Templates and best practice
  • In service requirements
  • Clarifying and resolving technical problems
  • Sub tier approval and controls
  • Assessing, rating and selecting suppliers
  • Mitigating supplier weaknesses  
  • Understanding and Identifying component safety classifications
  • Component classification listing
  • Impact of safety classifications on quality related activities
  • Project quality plans
  • Technical controls relating to quality related activities, control of procedures for QRAs and TCs
  • Verification of above / tie in to MQP
  • Flow down of IFS/QRA requirements
  • Surveillance and audit requirements

Aimed at?

Aimed at senior engineers, technicians, quality professionals and procurement specialists; to help them understand the processes required for effective sub-tier supplier approvals and controls and how to capture, define, validate and flow down technical requirements to sub-tier suppliers. 

Suitable for the following Job grades:

  • Junior Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director

​Suitable for the following key business functions:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Material Planning & Logistics

Duration / Time

Standard times are 9am – 4.30pm, however, these can be negotiated to suit the needs of the company.

Delivery method

In- House - This course has been designed to be delivered in-house so it can be tailored to a specific company. Subject to availability our trainers can deliver the programme at the company’s site (or at a suitable local venue of their choice) if they have a group of 10 or more (max 15). Please register your interest here.

Open - Course dates for this programme are set on an ad-hoc basis depending on demand. Currently no further open/public dates are planned for 2017, however, please register your interest here and we will be in touch if demand increases and we are able to put an open course on.



For further information please contact:

Stacey Balmer
Course Coordinator
T:01142 229943