APM receives its Royal Charter

NSAN is pleased to report that our affiliate member the Association for Project Management (APM) has received its Royal Charter following notification from the Privy Council Office in October that Her Majesty The Queen had approved its application. The Charter represents a significant milestone in the development of the profession and completes the final phase before the association transitions to a full Chartered body in April 2017.

The receipt of a Royal Charter marks a significant achievement in the evolution of project management and those who make, and seek to make, a career in this field. The Charter provides recognition for the profession, reward for the association that has championed its cause and opportunity for those who practice its disciplines. APM President David Waboso, Chairman John McGlynn and CEO Sara Drake were on hand to receive the Sealed Charter in December. The Chartered award is great recognition for a relatively new profession which now makes such a significant contribution to social and economic wellbeing.

APM President, David Waboso congratulated all those who have supported this aspiration for over a decade: “This is a significant moment in the history of the project management profession as a whole and of APM in particular.” said David “We are privileged to share this success with those who laid the foundations for the association and the discipline we now know as project management. To reach this point in a single generation is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the tenacity, resourcefulness and professionalism of all concerned.”

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