Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Edward Okpiabhele, Interim HR Advisor, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

“We think the Nuclear Skills Passport is important    because it will reduce training costs across the nuclear industry and could also help employees assess their skill levels inline with their career aspiration”


Why did NDA get involved in the pilot?
The NDA got involved in the Nuclear Skills Passport pilot to demonstrate leadership not only by sponsoring the pilot but also by participating in the pilot implementation.

What was learned during the pilot?
The pilot was led by Edward Okpiabhele, and he explains that: “We expected that there might be some challenges to overcome during the pilot. For example getting agreement for the privacy policy, getting buy-in from participating employees and guaranteeing the protection of personal data”

“But what we found was that getting buy-in from participating employees was easy because the system is very simple to use. The privacy policy was agreed and validated easily by the relevant approving parties. The nuclear skills passport system meets the standard data protection requirements.”

The Benefits of the Nuclear Skills Passport
“The main benefits of the Nuclear Skills Passport to the NDA will be using the nuclear skills passport to reduce training cost. To aid the mobility and the transfer of skills within and across the nuclear industry and to provide a platform that will enable employees to assess their competence levels.”

The Future
“During 2010 and 2011 we plan to form a larger implementation team made up of the pilot participants. This group will be responsible for using their experience of the system to get buy-in from others in order to roll out the nuclear skills passport across the NDA.”

Is it for you?
“We’d recommend the Nuclear Skills Passport to other organisations like our own because it is a very easy and simple system to implement and use for holding employees training records."