Sale of the Skills Passport system to the Rail Academy

Following the successful implementation of the Nuclear Skills Passport in February 2011, considerable interest has been shown by other industries in this revolutionary system to evidence skills and training. This led to the National Skills Academy Railway Engineering (NSARE) investing in the purchase of the platform to develop their system – SkillsID.

The Nuclear Skills Passport is a system which offers all nuclear organisations instant secure web access to information on the nuclear skills base, offering a detailed overview of the training completed by their workforce.
This enables organisations to effectively assess and plan their training, skills and people requirements.

NSARE have recognised the benefits and adaptability of the system and working with the same developers, were able to maximise on the significant development and implementation work already carried out by NSA Nuclear, the knowledge transfer and the valuable lessons learned.

This collaboration meant that NSARE could bring their product to their members in a much shorter timescale, tailored to suit the needs of their industry.

NSARE were further able to take advantage of some of consultancy from NSA Nuclear in the areas of data protection, security and legal requirements.


Elaine Clarke, Head of Process Development, NSARE said,

“NSARE was really pleased to be able to build on the excellent work carried out by NSA Nuclear and NSAPI during the development of their Skills Passport. By working with the same IT developers we were able to reduce our costs and shorten the lead time to implementation of our equivalent system, SkillsID. We were also able to show our industry employers a high quality, secure ‘working’ system that gave them the confidence that we could deliver what the railway industry needed. NSA Nuclear also shared with us the lessons they had learned along the way and we have been able to avoid some of the implementation challenges they faced meaning we are now able to rollout SkillsID more quickly”.

Helen Greaves, Nuclear Skills Passport Manager, NSA Nuclear said,

“We are delighted NSARE have recognised the Nuclear Skills Passport as a valuable tool for evidencing skills and training and that we have been able to support them in producing a tool tailored to meet the needs of their sector. We wish them every success with their roll out to participating members”.

Since its launch in March 2013, SkillsID has gained real momentum, with four organisations and 750 people on the live system within the first month.

NSARE are working with a further 21 interested organisations which could take the number of people on the system to between 7000-7500 by end May 2013.



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